Artiee bugs room

Finally back from Games Day 2011 in Chicago. Its also been a long time since I blogged.

Attached is the presentation and the Q&A. Gaarawar has offered to transcribe the recording. Sorry about the background noise, I tried removing it but it wasn’t working.

Mythic Presentation (45MB)
Mythic QA (65MB)

Going to bed. I’ll comment tomorrow.

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  1. This is what I want from pretty much every convention appearance for any game out there at any time. Just post the audio from all of them as a flat MP3 so I can essentially listen along as if I were part of the crowd. Why doesn’t this happen?

    Thanks Artiee.

  2. […] on at Chicago on Saturday from the forums have a listen to what actually went on – Artiee Bugs Room There are two mp3s – one for the presentation and one for the Q&A […]

  3. […] Network.Mehr zum Thema:Ein mp3-Mitschnitt der Präsentation und des Q&As findet sich im Blog Artiee bugs room. Zur Diskussion in unserem Forum »Ähnliche Artikel:Mythic: Erste Infos vom Games Day UKMythic: […]

  4. […] Artiee published a recording of the Q&A. It’s hard to understand but what I could hear basically confirms the quoted answer above. […]

  5. Very cool, is that me breathing in the background.? LOL!

  6. […] he even bugged the room, I think I can here me fwapping in the back ground. Here’s his post. I’ll get into it more […]

  7. […] Artiee who was awesome and recorded the entire thing as best he could.  Thanks […]

  8. […] have posted the technical stuff way better than I could. Like Artiee recorded it. Gar Transcribed it. Werit, and Bootae went over […]

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