About Me

My name is Edward, I am a 40-year-old Male and I currently live in Saginaw, MI.   I am a PC gamer.  I like FPS, Strategy games and MMO’s.  Some of the online games I have played are:

  • Quake  – Capture the Flag – As QUICK
  • Quake II – Capture the Flag, Weapons Factory, Jailbreak – As QUICK
  • Half-life – Jailbreak,  Counter Strike, DOD, etc.  as QUICK and Sir Edward
  • DAOC – Palomides – Artenia
  • Guild Wars – Artenia
  • WOW – Artenia
  • Half-life 2, Team Fortress – as Sir Edward
  • WAR –  Iron Rock,  Artiee, Artenia
  • AION – Azphel  as Artiee.


Atm I play a female redheaded axe & board Ironbreaker on Iron Rock.  My IB is Rank 40 RR 80 in full Sovereign.

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