Artiee laughs at Greenskins

While leveling I always started in the Drawf-Greenskin pairing.  Adventuring in the Drawf-Greenskin pairing was always fun.   This pairing has funny jokes going on.

 While running around in Marsh of Madness one day, I was wading in the swamp when I came up to submerge barrels. 

Exploring the Marsh

When I moved closer to them I got a popup about it was a Really Empty Barrel.

Finding a Really Empty Barrel

When I opened the barrel I got a Histroy & Lore Unlock and I learned about Greenskin Stupidity.

Greenskin Stupidity

I can just see greenskins being scared of the ghosts in the marsh, climbing into the barrels and drowning.   LOL

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WAAAGH! t-shirt

When Gaarawarr’s blog hit 500k views he launched a 3 part contest,  Part 1 was choosing a blogger ,  Part 2 was Twitter Code give aways.  I got the Shaven Cloak and almost got the Razored Skinning Iron but lost it when I forgot to push the confirm button again. (It asks you 3 times)  and Part 3 was questions about other bloggers.   I won one of the T-shirts.. the Waaagh! Shirt is now mine!!!!!

Rocking my Waaagh! shirt

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