Graw Leadgut

When my dwarf was growing up, I XP’ed in the dwarf pairing 1st and then moved to the other pairing as needed. I always ran via the dwarf pairing exit to the next tier. So while I was finishing up Tier 3 Badlands, I was exploring the caves and other nook and crannies. Why did I do that? Well what any dwarf would look for.. GOLD!!!!!!.

As I was exploring the path to the Kadrin Valley, I ventured into a cave full of orges. While killing the orges and looking for gold, I ran upon a lvl 29 champ Ogre Tyrant named “Graw Leadgut”, this orge was all decked out in armor.
Graw Leadgut
This Orge had to have all the gold and he had beer too. So I attacked…….. The fight was going good, I’m a Ironbreaker.. I good for long fights. but this orge had other plans. He hit me so hard half my life disappeared. I’m looking around to see what else hit me. There was nothing around and then BAMM he did it again. ūüė¶ He took the other half of my life. I went back some levels later to get revenge.
Even at level 40 he took a few trys.. I have to say that this was one of the hardest orges I ever fought.

When I finally defeated him I got the title “The Liberator”.
I just tried him agian. Lvl 80, Warlord/Sov armor and he hits me for 5075 dmg unblockable right off the bat.

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Go to Jail Do Not Pass Go

One of my favorate places to punt was a area in Battle of Praag I called¬† “The Jail”.¬† This was a¬†fenced in area¬†between 2 buildings by the 2nd flag on each side.
The Jail

If I could¬†get the Destro close to the area, Over the fence they go…. ūüôā¬†¬† It was hard to get out of, not impossible. You had to mount and jump right at the correct edge.

My record for the number of Destro in “The Jail” was 9.¬† That was before root triggered unstoppable buff.¬†¬† We definitely won that scenario.¬† I once punted a old Palo mid enemy in there.¬† Boy did he ever rage in IRC.¬†¬† The Evil devs fixed this area a while go.¬†Its sad, I really missed this area.

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Screw you guys, I’m going home.

The Scenerio Quitter debuff is the same as the City Quitter debuff.  What this means is that if you are in a Scenerio when a City flips to contested, you have 2 choices, stick it out and finish in the scenerio and then go join in on the city raid already in progress or Exit the scenerio and get the quitter debuff and wait outside of the city gates for the buff to fade.

I hoping that Mythic team looks at this and sets the buffs differantly..¬† But in the meantime, Don’t follow exit the Sc, finish it up as quickly as you can by dieing and then get to the city a little late.

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Making Eyes at U

 So I log on during lunch and get my New 30 day mount.  I get on, and my eyes are all funny.  Looks like I have BIG eyebrows.
Making Eyes at U.

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Start of Punting!

When I frist started WAR, I played a BW.¬† I got a punt in T2, but it wasn’t really fun..¬† I only used it for defence. One day, It looked like the guild needed tanks, I started a IB.¬† I found she was a tuff little thing.¬† Then once while playing in Nordenwatch I someone get punted over the fort walls.¬† Thought WOW that kwel.. So I looked it up to see if I got it and booooo I had to wait until lvl 14.¬†¬†¬† Tor Anroc was fun once I got it.. I giggled like a school girl every time I punted someone into the Lava.¬† Watch out if you had the bobble..!

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New War Blog.

This is a new blog..¬† I never liked writing in school and tried a fitness log blog that didn’t work.. The other day I thought WTF lets do a fun WAR¬†blog.¬†¬† I thought about a blog about Fun things in WAR,¬† then thought what about Places I can jump from called Artiee Jumps. ¬† But Tyanon (backseatdev)¬† suggested Artiee Punts.¬† Write about the best punting areas.¬†¬†¬† Bingo, we have a winner.¬†¬†So I’m going to combine some of the fun stuff in War and my posts about puntting..¬†¬† I not going to do guides, I’ll leave that to Gaarawarr.¬† So¬† here we gooooo.

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