Artiee blames Mythic for new hobby.

Thats right, I blame Mythic for my new Warhammer hobby.  If they wasn’t going to be at Games Day the weekend I was starting my vacation, I wouldn’t have been in Baltimore that weekend and wouldn’t gotten a bug.
Plus with Mykiel and Kronus both saying how fun it was and seeing everyone at Gamesday having fun.

When I got back from vacation, I stopped at gaming stores looking for Battle of Skull Pass Starter set.. It has Dwarfs and Goblins in the set.. Both of them I wanted to play/paint. Found one at Games Workshop store at Great Lakes Crossing mall. (OMG there are 2 Games Workshop with in 20 mins of each other, the only 2 in Michigan). Then I hit eBay.. Boy did I hit eBay. Luckly I got a small bonus check last month.

As I paint though this list, I will post them up for all to see.

So in total for my Greenskin Army.. I have:
90 Night Goblins Spearmen (20 more in the mail)
40 Night Goblin Archers
30 Goblins w/bows (old edition)
12 Fanatics
2 Goblin Big Bosses
2 Goblin Shaman
20 Spiders riders
40 Black Orcs
80 Orc Warriors (20 old edition)
Orc Warboss / Battle Standard
15 Savage Orcs
1 Orc Chariot
1 Goblin Chariot
3 Snotling Pump Wagons (1 I made myself)
8 bases of Snotlings (48 Snotlings)
1 Giant
2 Squig hoppers (9 on the way)
5 Squigs
2 Goblin Doom Divers
1 Squig Hunter unit (in the mail)
5 Orc Boar Boyz
1 Rock Lobber (on order)

Oh.. my Dwarf Army
32 Dwarf Warriors
20 Dwarf Thunderers
16 Dwarf Miners
2 Dwarf Canons
2 Dragon Slayers
4 Drunken Dwarfs
Gotrek and Felix

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