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As I stated earlier, I started getting into Warhammer Fantasy after my trip to GamesDay. I have a lot to paint, but I so far have 110 Night goblins done, 2 snotling pump wagons, 3 goblin heros, a spear chucka, a doom diver. (plus one older doom diver) and about done with a unit of 20 Black Orcs.

I still have aways to go to finish.. I do a little at a time, then will drop that one and start somethign new.. For example, I started the Black Orcs 2 weeks ago. While doing the BO, I finished 20 Night goblins, a snottling pump wagon, a spear chucka and a goblin hero.

Here are some of the ones I have pictures of.

  One of my Favorate units is a Goblin Doom Diver.  They launch a goblin towards the enemy and the goblin flaps his wings to try and hit the enemy.  As you can probably guess,  theres not much chance of walking back after flying into a unit of Chaos Chosen.

Goblin Doom Diver

What are these snotlings doing?

     Hmm.. Snotlings funny little creatures.  Appearally they just follow the Greenskin horde.  Here they have created thier own warwagon.  Snotlings steal what ever they can find to create these “Pump Wagons”. As you can see they taken several goblin and orc shields, pair of chariot wheels and a orc battle banner.

They just pile on and pump as fast as they can and slam into enemy units.

How does this move?

Look out.

Snotlings been busy

Snotlings pumping thier heart out.

He wants to be the frist one in.


      Night Goblins come from under ground.  They don’t look very scarey but they come in numbers.  This is a unit of 31 Night Goblins with spears. Not only can the 2nd rank fight, the 3rd rank and use there spears too.  What is scarey about the Night Goblins is what they are hiding.  (Later I will get a pictute of all the Night Goblins.)

What are they Hiding?

    Fanatics, This is what the Night Goblins are hiding. These are Night Goblins hopped up on Mushroom Beer. The other Night Goblins push the Fanatics out of the unit to tear apart a enemy unit. But watch out!! They could go anywhere!  Fanatics are so hopped up and blood thursty that they can run into the elite Black Orc unit or even go back into the unit they were “launched” from.    Thier time is short lived.  They die if they run into a building, trees and even can strangle themselves with thier own chain.

Run when these are in your path

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