Artiee’s 1st Contest

Got done with Gamesday and have a few items to give away. The 1st item is a WAR trucker hat. What would be the question? It has to do something with punting!

The 1st one that answers correctly gets the hat.

What class has the shortest punt, about how long is it and what is the name of the punt?

WAR trucker hat


Sorry I’m on Vacation. We had a winner. A EU player I thought got close enough. It was the Black Orc’s “Right in Da Jibbltes”. Without the tactics Mor Hardcore. While its not classified as a punt. The target still hops into the air and back little bit about a foot. Its also really funny that the BO hits with its foot right between the legs.

I still have a Hat and 1 code “custard, skaven cloak, and razed trophy” to give out. It will next week.

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