The many Faces of WAAAAAGH!!!

 MythicAndy Tweeted, “For a free VIP Pass to #gamesday Baltimore, take a pic of your best “WAAAGH!” face and reply/Tweet me with the pic. Best 2 by 5 PM EDT win!” .
Kwel! I’m will be going to GamesDay and a chance to win a VIP pass!!!.. I’m on that.

It took me awhile to get the pics. I couldn’t WAAAAGH in the office. So I waited until I was home for lunch.

Here is the one I sent to Andy:


Here is my WAAAGH face collection:

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New Patch, Artiee says next week.

It was just posted that all In Game Auction House new auctions will be disabled.

Since the longest auction runs 72 hours, Auction house would be empty on Monday 16th.   The ONLY reason to empty the auction house by Monday is to get ready for 1.3.6 patch on Tuesday.

SO based on emptying the auction house. Artiee says that 1.3.6 will patch on Tuesday.

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Artiee laughs at Greenskins

While leveling I always started in the Drawf-Greenskin pairing.  Adventuring in the Drawf-Greenskin pairing was always fun.   This pairing has funny jokes going on.

 While running around in Marsh of Madness one day, I was wading in the swamp when I came up to submerge barrels. 

Exploring the Marsh

When I moved closer to them I got a popup about it was a Really Empty Barrel.

Finding a Really Empty Barrel

When I opened the barrel I got a Histroy & Lore Unlock and I learned about Greenskin Stupidity.

Greenskin Stupidity

I can just see greenskins being scared of the ghosts in the marsh, climbing into the barrels and drowning.   LOL

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WAAAGH! t-shirt

When Gaarawarr’s blog hit 500k views he launched a 3 part contest,  Part 1 was choosing a blogger ,  Part 2 was Twitter Code give aways.  I got the Shaven Cloak and almost got the Razored Skinning Iron but lost it when I forgot to push the confirm button again. (It asks you 3 times)  and Part 3 was questions about other bloggers.   I won one of the T-shirts.. the Waaagh! Shirt is now mine!!!!!

Rocking my Waaagh! shirt

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Nordenwatch is an old and fun scenario with lots of places to punt. This is the only scenario that I know of that you can punt someone to get them out of action for a few minutes without having to punt into a area that you can’t get into anyways.

Let’s start at my favorite punting area.

The Fort. This area has several punting areas that will put a player out of combat for a few seconds to a few minutes.

The Order Bridge is a few seconds out of combat. Punt to the center of the map and they can easily run back around to the bridge. Punt to the North (or water side) and they will have to run under the bridge and back around the hill via the fort to get back into combat or they will just run along the cliff and into your back line.. Both distances are about the same time. If you’re really lucky, you may be able to punt them pass the trail and into the water, here they have a nice long swim to Order camp.

On to the other side, (Destro path to the fort). Only one side is an area to take them out of combat for a while. While punting them in the direction of center of the map does help, it doesn’t take them out of combat very long. The edge between the fort wall and slope of the hill is the prime spot. A lot of destro healers seem to like healing from this area.. It does put them away from the front line fighting, but it also puts them into a punting area. If punted correctly, they will miss the lower path and will fly down to the beach. While they run back via the barracks, you can giggle knowing that they are getting sand in their boots.

Giving Shammy a ride to the beach

The Fort wall. This spot is great area for strategic reasons. Most players are linear so they will not see that healer or range dps shooting down on them. But it’s one of the best places to punt from. Any punts off the wall will put that player out of the area for a few minutes. One healer over can be the difference between winning or losing the fort.

Healer about to get a free ride over the edge.

Light House
I think the light house is a nice area to fight. It has a small path around the back of the light house and rocks to the sides for fight off of. This area does have some punting potential, most the punting is to the south, over the small cliff.. While there is a larger funnier cliff to punt off of, it’s harder to get destro over to that area.. If one does fly over, it’s a long swim to get back.

The barracks is fun area until you push to the destro war camp. It’s on a flat area, but there’s buildings to fight among, that’s IMO makes it fun. There no real punting areas to get players out of combat. There is the path from the fort that easy to punt ppl off of. And if get a unlucky punt around the barracks, you can put one of your enemies on top of a building.

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The “Art”iee of Punting.

Why do we punt? That is the question. Lot of PEWBS (punting newbs) just punt for the hell of it and in random directions. There are defensive, offensive and of course FUN reasons.

Defensive: When your healer or a squishy is getting touched more then they like. (Destro like to touch squishies in the nono places). You punt the offending destro off the squishy/healer. But where do you punt them. If you have a second, you move around an punt them in a spot that either takes them out of action for a bit like a cliff, over a big rock or into high dps that will attack it. Or you have more then one on you.. well you punt the stronger one away so you can beat on the weaker one.

Offensive: When you have that destro healer or caster that will just not get close enough, or keeps running away. Well you run up behind him and punt him into your dps group waiting for him.. Nothing better than the look on a healers face that goes flying into your dps line. And sometimes a healer is just healing to well that you can’t kill there front line dps. Well theres a punt for that too. . You have to punt them to increase the distance between the frontline dps and the healer. If the healer is not within range the dps cant get heals.

Just for the Fun of it: Well this one I really enjoy. you have someone that standing close to a cliff edge.. Well what do you do? Not sure about some of you, but this little dwarf will leave his guard to see them flying over the cliff. It’s like waving gold in front of a dwarf. Its going over!.

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Graw Leadgut

When my dwarf was growing up, I XP’ed in the dwarf pairing 1st and then moved to the other pairing as needed. I always ran via the dwarf pairing exit to the next tier. So while I was finishing up Tier 3 Badlands, I was exploring the caves and other nook and crannies. Why did I do that? Well what any dwarf would look for.. GOLD!!!!!!.

As I was exploring the path to the Kadrin Valley, I ventured into a cave full of orges. While killing the orges and looking for gold, I ran upon a lvl 29 champ Ogre Tyrant named “Graw Leadgut”, this orge was all decked out in armor.
Graw Leadgut
This Orge had to have all the gold and he had beer too. So I attacked…….. The fight was going good, I’m a Ironbreaker.. I good for long fights. but this orge had other plans. He hit me so hard half my life disappeared. I’m looking around to see what else hit me. There was nothing around and then BAMM he did it again. 😦 He took the other half of my life. I went back some levels later to get revenge.
Even at level 40 he took a few trys.. I have to say that this was one of the hardest orges I ever fought.

When I finally defeated him I got the title “The Liberator”.
I just tried him agian. Lvl 80, Warlord/Sov armor and he hits me for 5075 dmg unblockable right off the bat.

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Go to Jail Do Not Pass Go

One of my favorate places to punt was a area in Battle of Praag I called  “The Jail”.  This was a fenced in area between 2 buildings by the 2nd flag on each side.
The Jail

If I could get the Destro close to the area, Over the fence they go…. 🙂   It was hard to get out of, not impossible. You had to mount and jump right at the correct edge.

My record for the number of Destro in “The Jail” was 9.  That was before root triggered unstoppable buff.   We definitely won that scenario.  I once punted a old Palo mid enemy in there.  Boy did he ever rage in IRC.   The Evil devs fixed this area a while go. Its sad, I really missed this area.

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Screw you guys, I’m going home.

The Scenerio Quitter debuff is the same as the City Quitter debuff.  What this means is that if you are in a Scenerio when a City flips to contested, you have 2 choices, stick it out and finish in the scenerio and then go join in on the city raid already in progress or Exit the scenerio and get the quitter debuff and wait outside of the city gates for the buff to fade.

I hoping that Mythic team looks at this and sets the buffs differantly..  But in the meantime, Don’t follow exit the Sc, finish it up as quickly as you can by dieing and then get to the city a little late.

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Making Eyes at U

 So I log on during lunch and get my New 30 day mount.  I get on, and my eyes are all funny.  Looks like I have BIG eyebrows.
Making Eyes at U.

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