Artiee Needs More Codes!!

When entering my code for the RvR Pack Combo (Progression and Personality), I looked at my Feature list and saw a LONG list. I think I still need more codes.

Lot of Codes.

Anyone have any extra codes I dont have?

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  1. Here is mine, there are a couple you dont have but then you have a couple I dont have:

    CE Retail Box Includes: The Librams of Insight, Custom Character Heads and more!
    GameStop Pre-Order Includes: Rittenbach’s Portable Camp and Sentinel’s Amber Band
    Reward: White Dwarf Includes: Custom Dwarf Head
    Reward: BOOM Studios Includes: The Book of BOOM
    Reward: Vanquisher’s Emerald Band Includes: Vanquisher’s Emerald Band
    Reward: Signet of the Cursed Company Includes: Signet of the Cursed Company
    Reward: Prima Guide Includes: Adventurer’s Handbook
    Reward: Email Validated Includes: Title – ‘The Validated’
    Reward: C&C Red Alert 3 Includes: Kossar’s Helm
    Reward: Imperial Hunting Hound Includes: Imperial Hunting Hound
    Reward: Warlord’s Fell Hound Includes: Warlord’s Fell Hound
    Reward: Rod of Service Includes: Rod of Service
    Reward: Collar of Servitude Includes: Collar of Servitude
    Reward: Imperial Griffon Includes: Imperial Griffon
    Reward: Enslaved Manticore Includes: Enslaved Manticore
    Reward: Choppa/Slayer Custom Heads Includes: Choppa/Slayer Custom Heads
    Reward: Scarab Amulet Includes: Scarab Amulet
    Reward: Shroud of the Imrathepis Includes: Shroud of the Imrathepis
    Reward: Halfling Pies Includes: Halfling Pies
    Reward: WAR Logo Cloaks Includes: WAR Logo Cloaks
    Reward: Veteran Banner Includes: Veteran Banner
    Reward: Face of Condemnation Grant Face of Condemnation
    Flag: EU WAR Player is originally from EU version
    Trinkets of the World Pack Trinkets of the World Pack
    Herald Pet Pack Herald Pet Pack
    Progression Booster Pack Progression Booster Pack
    Combo Pack Early Adopter Combo Pack Early Adopter
    Personality Booster Pack Personality Pack
    Reward: 2yr Veteran Flag: 2yr Veteran

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