Artiee tries to Adopt

Carrie from Mythic sent via Twitter a Code for a Present for a WAR Player. Well I just happen to open my browser when I saw the message pop up. So I quickly went to the Account Center.. Copied and Pasted the code into account and clicked clicked clicked clicked. Just briefly scanning it the page. I learned before you have to click quickly.. I once had a code, I was on the last confirm screen and lost it because I didnt knowed the last confirm.

Well what I got was the Heald Pet Pack.. When I logged on to Iron Rock, I checked my mail and got Adoption papers.

Is it wise for me to Adopt?

When I look at the Adoption papers, I find out its a Snotling. Hmmm a snotling.. I could use it for punting practice.

A Snotling!!!

When I went to Adopt the snotling, I looked and look for the merchant.. I think the merchant hasn’t arrived in Altdorf yet. The Adoption instuctions are confusing. The mail letter said a merchant by the Library.. But the Adoption papers says the stablemaster. Hmmmm. No biggy yet.

The Pet Pack is one of the items that Mythic said would be in the new Feature Packs coming soon. As soon as I’m able to adopt I’ll post my new pet.

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  1. Neat! Congrats!

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