Games Day here comes Artiee.

Leaving in a few minutes to head to Baltimore Games Day  and WAR Day Out @Camden Yards.   Going to met some in game friends/emenies, Gaarawar, Mykiel, DrSparkes, etc.   This will be the 1st time I’ve been to Games Day.  
I done a all weekend LAN party in DC Years and Years ago.   DAOC Fan Fest in DC.  (I always disappointed that I didn’t stay for after at the bar.)    Then about few months ago, went to Penguicon in Detroit.  It was suppose to be a Science Fiction and Open Source Convention.  There was very little Science Fiction and Open Source programming/techincal stuf.. none.   

I’m looking forward to Games Day and talking with the devs.  I wonder how Warhammer tabletop is played.. I liked model building as a kid.. I could get into figure painting.  Too bad I live in a small city, there no WAR stuff here.

I wonder what does this VIP thing get me?(going to redo the pic with a WAAGH face, later)

VIP Pass. Thanks Mythic!

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  1. I think it gets us in for free. That’s probably about it. hehe

  2. […] I told you about it. PAY ATTENTION! Good. More info will be coming out this weekend, and we have more bloggers doing more interviews of more people about more stuff. MORE. Anyway, everyone in Baltimore […]

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