The “Art”iee of Punting.

Why do we punt? That is the question. Lot of PEWBS (punting newbs) just punt for the hell of it and in random directions. There are defensive, offensive and of course FUN reasons.

Defensive: When your healer or a squishy is getting touched more then they like. (Destro like to touch squishies in the nono places). You punt the offending destro off the squishy/healer. But where do you punt them. If you have a second, you move around an punt them in a spot that either takes them out of action for a bit like a cliff, over a big rock or into high dps that will attack it. Or you have more then one on you.. well you punt the stronger one away so you can beat on the weaker one.

Offensive: When you have that destro healer or caster that will just not get close enough, or keeps running away. Well you run up behind him and punt him into your dps group waiting for him.. Nothing better than the look on a healers face that goes flying into your dps line. And sometimes a healer is just healing to well that you can’t kill there front line dps. Well theres a punt for that too. . You have to punt them to increase the distance between the frontline dps and the healer. If the healer is not within range the dps cant get heals.

Just for the Fun of it: Well this one I really enjoy. you have someone that standing close to a cliff edge.. Well what do you do? Not sure about some of you, but this little dwarf will leave his guard to see them flying over the cliff. It’s like waving gold in front of a dwarf. Its going over!.

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  1. Okay, this is awesome…. every player who is new to tactical punting should read!

    I hope Axewoof from Badlands weighs in someday in this BLOG… he is a punting master. I also hate him, as he is Destro on my Order server. He makes me swear at my computer.


  2. Even though I don’t (didn’t) bomb, I spec up Conflagration just to get Backdraft. I find it works much better than Stop Drop & Roll and can sometimes save me or a teammate from getting rolled.

    Favorite moments include: Punting almost a whole party of Destro into the drink during the Ironclad scenario. Popping Backdraft during a Khaine’s Embrace as the bomb approached. I shot upwards of 6 Destro to their doom.

  3. The problem with offensive punting is that damn lag. Happens so many times that I punt a moving target away from the dps rather than towards them. 😦

    Good breakdown tho. Tor Anroc ftw. 😛

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