Go to Jail Do Not Pass Go

One of my favorate places to punt was a area in Battle of Praag I called  “The Jail”.  This was a fenced in area between 2 buildings by the 2nd flag on each side.
The Jail

If I could get the Destro close to the area, Over the fence they go…. 🙂   It was hard to get out of, not impossible. You had to mount and jump right at the correct edge.

My record for the number of Destro in “The Jail” was 9.  That was before root triggered unstoppable buff.   We definitely won that scenario.  I once punted a old Palo mid enemy in there.  Boy did he ever rage in IRC.   The Evil devs fixed this area a while go. Its sad, I really missed this area.

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  1. Now that made me smile 🙂

  2. A former guildie used to have that cage in the Battle for Praag down to a science. It was awesome.

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