Start of Punting!

When I frist started WAR, I played a BW.  I got a punt in T2, but it wasn’t really fun..  I only used it for defence. One day, It looked like the guild needed tanks, I started a IB.  I found she was a tuff little thing.  Then once while playing in Nordenwatch I someone get punted over the fort walls.  Thought WOW that kwel.. So I looked it up to see if I got it and booooo I had to wait until lvl 14.    Tor Anroc was fun once I got it.. I giggled like a school girl every time I punted someone into the Lava.  Watch out if you had the bobble..!

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  1. To this day I still scream like a little girl when I punt someone into the lava of death. I just sucks when it comes back to me, I guess it’s ying yang thing. One of the only sc’s that I’ve used my Horned squig.

  2. As an SM I have great memories of AoE punting packs of healers into the lave in Tor Anroc. They could see it coming but they couldn’t do ‘owt to stop it.

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