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Finally back from Games Day 2011 in Chicago. Its also been a long time since I blogged.

Attached is the presentation and the Q&A. Gaarawar has offered to transcribe the recording. Sorry about the background noise, I tried removing it but it wasn’t working.

Mythic Presentation (45MB)
Mythic QA (65MB)

Going to bed. I’ll comment tomorrow.

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Artiee Needs More Codes!!

When entering my code for the RvR Pack Combo (Progression and Personality), I looked at my Feature list and saw a LONG list. I think I still need more codes.

Lot of Codes.

Anyone have any extra codes I dont have?

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Artiee adopts a Snotling

After I posted saying I couldn’t find the merchant on Twitter. I was told that the merchant was by the Library.. After work I logged back in and she was by the Library. In fact in FRONT of the Library. Now she wasn’t there when I checked.

So I talked to Patricia Farnswoggle standing in front of 4 Snotlings in differant color outfits. LOL all the Snotlings are doing the Pee Pee Dance.

I think they all have to go Pee Pee.

There are 4 different Snotlings you can adopt. Red, Yellow, Orange and Blue. Each Snotling has a different skin tone. All the snotling give you the same buff. 3% speed boost. The speed boost can not be used in Rvr or while your RvR flagged.

Weeeee fast!!!!!

The Snotling I chose was red.. I was thinking blue but I didnt like really light skin tone.. the red was was green the others was really light or darker. Here by new adoptee.

My own little Snotling. I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him..

Now you asking where you get one? Well EA Store is where, they are $9.99 each. Since I like Mythic better then EA I will link to Mythic.. there are other paid options available.

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Artiee tries to Adopt

Carrie from Mythic sent via Twitter a Code for a Present for a WAR Player. Well I just happen to open my browser when I saw the message pop up. So I quickly went to the Account Center.. Copied and Pasted the code into account and clicked clicked clicked clicked. Just briefly scanning it the page. I learned before you have to click quickly.. I once had a code, I was on the last confirm screen and lost it because I didnt knowed the last confirm.

Well what I got was the Heald Pet Pack.. When I logged on to Iron Rock, I checked my mail and got Adoption papers.

Is it wise for me to Adopt?

When I look at the Adoption papers, I find out its a Snotling. Hmmm a snotling.. I could use it for punting practice.

A Snotling!!!

When I went to Adopt the snotling, I looked and look for the merchant.. I think the merchant hasn’t arrived in Altdorf yet. The Adoption instuctions are confusing. The mail letter said a merchant by the Library.. But the Adoption papers says the stablemaster. Hmmmm. No biggy yet.

The Pet Pack is one of the items that Mythic said would be in the new Feature Packs coming soon. As soon as I’m able to adopt I’ll post my new pet.

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Artiee paints

As I stated earlier, I started getting into Warhammer Fantasy after my trip to GamesDay. I have a lot to paint, but I so far have 110 Night goblins done, 2 snotling pump wagons, 3 goblin heros, a spear chucka, a doom diver. (plus one older doom diver) and about done with a unit of 20 Black Orcs.

I still have aways to go to finish.. I do a little at a time, then will drop that one and start somethign new.. For example, I started the Black Orcs 2 weeks ago. While doing the BO, I finished 20 Night goblins, a snottling pump wagon, a spear chucka and a goblin hero.

Here are some of the ones I have pictures of.

  One of my Favorate units is a Goblin Doom Diver.  They launch a goblin towards the enemy and the goblin flaps his wings to try and hit the enemy.  As you can probably guess,  theres not much chance of walking back after flying into a unit of Chaos Chosen.

Goblin Doom Diver

What are these snotlings doing?

     Hmm.. Snotlings funny little creatures.  Appearally they just follow the Greenskin horde.  Here they have created thier own warwagon.  Snotlings steal what ever they can find to create these “Pump Wagons”. As you can see they taken several goblin and orc shields, pair of chariot wheels and a orc battle banner.

They just pile on and pump as fast as they can and slam into enemy units.

How does this move?

Look out.

Snotlings been busy

Snotlings pumping thier heart out.

He wants to be the frist one in.


      Night Goblins come from under ground.  They don’t look very scarey but they come in numbers.  This is a unit of 31 Night Goblins with spears. Not only can the 2nd rank fight, the 3rd rank and use there spears too.  What is scarey about the Night Goblins is what they are hiding.  (Later I will get a pictute of all the Night Goblins.)

What are they Hiding?

    Fanatics, This is what the Night Goblins are hiding. These are Night Goblins hopped up on Mushroom Beer. The other Night Goblins push the Fanatics out of the unit to tear apart a enemy unit. But watch out!! They could go anywhere!  Fanatics are so hopped up and blood thursty that they can run into the elite Black Orc unit or even go back into the unit they were “launched” from.    Thier time is short lived.  They die if they run into a building, trees and even can strangle themselves with thier own chain.

Run when these are in your path

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Artiee visits the barber.

We know one of the future additions to WAR is the ability to change your appearance. I beleve this is a RL dollar transaction. You buy it off EA Store and then you get a token in game mail. This is only speculation.

There is a preview of the Barber’s on PTS server. So I’m giving you all a sneak preview of the Barber.

Once you have a token, On Order you will need to find the Barber Surgeon, Toddy Sween. Thats a kwel name. One guess where the name comes from. Just look out for the trap door. Toddy Sween is in the Market Square in Altdorf.

Toddy Sween the Barber Surgeon

On Order once you open the barbershop it looks like your sitting in front of a barber mirror. As you can see, atm, you wil be about to change your Face, Hair style, jewerly, hair color, eye color, skin color and jewerly color respectively.

Boy do I need a make over.

On Destro, the barbers name is Karven Nurfayc. Karven is located by the Apex in Inevitable City.  **edit ** HAHAH.. Karven Nurfayc. I get it!!! Funny!

Karven Nurfayc in the Apex

The barber shop atm looks just like Orders.. I hope they make it more destro like.

Only a face a mother can love. (If I had a mother)

Remember is is on PTS.. Its a test server anything can change.

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Artiee blames Mythic for new hobby.

Thats right, I blame Mythic for my new Warhammer hobby.  If they wasn’t going to be at Games Day the weekend I was starting my vacation, I wouldn’t have been in Baltimore that weekend and wouldn’t gotten a bug.
Plus with Mykiel and Kronus both saying how fun it was and seeing everyone at Gamesday having fun.

When I got back from vacation, I stopped at gaming stores looking for Battle of Skull Pass Starter set.. It has Dwarfs and Goblins in the set.. Both of them I wanted to play/paint. Found one at Games Workshop store at Great Lakes Crossing mall. (OMG there are 2 Games Workshop with in 20 mins of each other, the only 2 in Michigan). Then I hit eBay.. Boy did I hit eBay. Luckly I got a small bonus check last month.

As I paint though this list, I will post them up for all to see.

So in total for my Greenskin Army.. I have:
90 Night Goblins Spearmen (20 more in the mail)
40 Night Goblin Archers
30 Goblins w/bows (old edition)
12 Fanatics
2 Goblin Big Bosses
2 Goblin Shaman
20 Spiders riders
40 Black Orcs
80 Orc Warriors (20 old edition)
Orc Warboss / Battle Standard
15 Savage Orcs
1 Orc Chariot
1 Goblin Chariot
3 Snotling Pump Wagons (1 I made myself)
8 bases of Snotlings (48 Snotlings)
1 Giant
2 Squig hoppers (9 on the way)
5 Squigs
2 Goblin Doom Divers
1 Squig Hunter unit (in the mail)
5 Orc Boar Boyz
1 Rock Lobber (on order)

Oh.. my Dwarf Army
32 Dwarf Warriors
20 Dwarf Thunderers
16 Dwarf Miners
2 Dwarf Canons
2 Dragon Slayers
4 Drunken Dwarfs
Gotrek and Felix

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Artiee Visited Gamesday and Mythic

Well its been a while since I been on Vacation and went to Gamesdays 2010 in Baltimore.  I been lazy and little busy.   You already read the Mythic interviews at Gamesday Balt. 

What you missed was the War Day Out at Cameron Yards.  Met a couple WAR players, Dr. Sparkles, Mykiel, Gaarawarr and 2 others.   I got say that I only saw 3 plays during the whole baseball game.  Too busy visiting.

Next Day went to Games Day.. It was a sight.  After seeing all the excitement and visiting with the Devs from Mythic. I kind of got the bug to play Warhammer Fantasy. But I will talk about that later.

To know what Mythic Devs talked about go see Gaarawarr’s blog.

When I left Baltimore on Monday afternoon, I stopped  by Mythic’s office.  It was after hours but I was able to get into the building and up on Mythics Floor.   They had posters on the walls outside of the main office that I would love to have a copy of.   I did meet Steven the Dev. on the way out of the building.

Heres the Pics.

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Artiee’s 1st Contest

Got done with Gamesday and have a few items to give away. The 1st item is a WAR trucker hat. What would be the question? It has to do something with punting!

The 1st one that answers correctly gets the hat.

What class has the shortest punt, about how long is it and what is the name of the punt?

WAR trucker hat


Sorry I’m on Vacation. We had a winner. A EU player I thought got close enough. It was the Black Orc’s “Right in Da Jibbltes”. Without the tactics Mor Hardcore. While its not classified as a punt. The target still hops into the air and back little bit about a foot. Its also really funny that the BO hits with its foot right between the legs.

I still have a Hat and 1 code “custard, skaven cloak, and razed trophy” to give out. It will next week.

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Games Day here comes Artiee.

Leaving in a few minutes to head to Baltimore Games Day  and WAR Day Out @Camden Yards.   Going to met some in game friends/emenies, Gaarawar, Mykiel, DrSparkes, etc.   This will be the 1st time I’ve been to Games Day.  
I done a all weekend LAN party in DC Years and Years ago.   DAOC Fan Fest in DC.  (I always disappointed that I didn’t stay for after at the bar.)    Then about few months ago, went to Penguicon in Detroit.  It was suppose to be a Science Fiction and Open Source Convention.  There was very little Science Fiction and Open Source programming/techincal stuf.. none.   

I’m looking forward to Games Day and talking with the devs.  I wonder how Warhammer tabletop is played.. I liked model building as a kid.. I could get into figure painting.  Too bad I live in a small city, there no WAR stuff here.

I wonder what does this VIP thing get me?(going to redo the pic with a WAAGH face, later)

VIP Pass. Thanks Mythic!

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